High-quality hop equipment is nowadays a prerequisite for quality and profitable agricultural production. And hop-growing is no exception. The quality of machines, tractors and other equipment is reflected in reduced work time, cost savings and the quality of work performed. Hmezad company provides the hop-growers with comprehensive consulting and supplies of all the hops’ machinery, equipment and supplies.



Without the machinery, hop-growing could not be imagined in modern times. In the range of mechanization offers, it makes sense to choose the machinery that optimally serves the purposes and requirements of modern hop production. Hmezad also provides hop-growers with the high-quality machinery, ranging from hop-picking machines, shoot tipping machines to automatic green hops filling machines for drying, loosening and blending hops for faster and more efficient drying.


WOLF WSZ 1000 | WOLF WSZ 1000 SP COMBI  | WOLF WHE-500 | WOLF AN 70 |  WOLF SZ Bunch Picking Machine | WOLF Trocknungszubehoer | WOLF PowerHeater TCO2000E  | WOLF PowerHeater | WOLF CONAQUA2 | WOLF Lupus PRO



Reith agricultural machinery brand has been a synonim for quality in agricultural and hop technology for over 60 years. The range of Reith machines offered by Hmezad to the hop-growers include presses, hop base frame, hop platform, hop uprooter and hop cultivator.

Hop presses – RB bags | Hop base frames | Hop platforms | Hop uprooter  | Hop cultivators



For 35 years, Wallner hop machines have been following the trends and challenges of modern agriculture. More technology, more sophisticated electronics, more control over manufacturing processes … There are all changes that only the most technologically advanced can follow. Hmezad offfers Wallner vineyard trailers, hop base frame and hop platforms.

Vineyard trailers | Hop base frames | Hop platforms



The Myers brand has a 50-year old tradition in agricultural mechanization and the quality of their equipment has never been questioned. It provides hop-growers with hops spray cans available with a 2000 l, 3000 l and 4000 l tank. The basic model includes 12.5/80 R 18 wheels, electric control of valves and pressure, clean water tank, double-joint gimbal, tractor hydraulic linkage, turbo-drop nozzles, 42” fan with 80/105,000 m3 airflow.