Fertilisation of plants is a measure by which the amount of plant nutrients taken from the soil by the crop is replaced and its fertility is maintained. In addition to adding macro and other nutrients, soil acidity (pH) and the amount of organic matter or humus in soil are also important. Soil acidity not only affects the availability of nutrients to plants, but together with the amounf of humus in the soil also affects the conservation of soil’s structure and biological activity.

The fertilisation of hop fields is carried out on the basis of a fertilisation plan, which is made on the basis of chemical analyzes of the soil and the expected hop production. In doing so, we cooperate with specialist services. With fertilising and responsible fertilisation, it is possible to ensure a high quality crop and to contribute to environmental protection. Ensuring high quality of crops and responsible attitude towards the environment are important goals of our company.


Mineral fertilisers contain mineral components that give plants nutrients and thus enable optimal growth and good production results.

We offer all types of fertilisers, from nitrogen, phosphate, potassium to compound – mixed or complex – mineral fertilisers.


Foliar fertilisers do not replace the nutrition of plants from the soil, but their use has been proven to influence plant growth and development.

Foliar fertilisers thus improve crop quality and quantity, increase plant tolerance to drought and other stressful conditions (extreme temperature fluctuations, cold and wet weather, replanting), mitigate the effects of plant damage caused by extreme weather events (storms, hail), increase plant resistance to diseases and pests and increase the efficiency of nutrient uptake from soil solution.