In addition to abiotic, also biotic factors have a significant impact on the quantity and quality of crop production. Water deficiencies or excesses, extreme air temperatures, low or excessive light, nutrient supply disorders are among the abiotic ones. Among the biotic factors are pests (insects, mites, nematodes, rodents, snails), diseases (phytoplasmas, viroids, viruses, fungi, algae) and weeds (cultivated plants of competing species). In the production of plants for human use and consumption of domestic animals, we have encountered these pests since the beginning of agriculture, i.e. 10,000 BC. Plant protection has thus evolved with the aim of preventing and controlling crop losses on the field (until harvest) and in warehouses. For this purpose, various mechanical (cultivation, planting, cutting…), biological (selection of varieties, crop rotation…) and chemical measures (plant protection and other means) are carried out.





For the highest quality raw material

Our aim is to provide the buyers of hops with the highest quality raw material for brewing beer, where we took into account the advantages and disadvantages of the area in which the production takes place, the legislation in the area in which the production takes place, the legislation in the area and where all stakeholders were informed about the correct and safe use of plant protection products (PPPs) and responsible environmental practices.

Some measures to achieve these goals are:

  • planning the required quantities of PPP and other hop protection products and jointly ordering them (in this way the amount of PPP with expired use is minimal…)
  • using only original plant protection products
  • establishment and maintenance of a system for the disposal of packaging waste and plant protection products for hop production
  • cooperation with professional research, advisory and educational istitutions in the field of agriculture in Slovenia with an emphasis on hop production and active participation in the transfer of new findings, technological processes or products to end users
  • weed vegetation in hop fields is not controlled by herbicides, but by defoliants and in a mechanical way, i.e. by hoeing, cultivating, earthing up
  • the optimal timing of spraying against diseases and pests of hops is determined on the basis of the observations and measurments of the observational and forecasting service performed by the IHPS in the context of public tasks.

In implementing health care measures, we strive to keep populations of significant economic pests below the threshold of harmfulness by combining various integrated and bionic plant protection measures, together with compliance with plant hygiene measures.


In addition to protecting hops and soil with basic plant protection products, Hmezad offers hops a range of additional products that contribute to higher quality hop production. From soil sterilizers, insecticides that inhibit the development of the initial stages of insects, agents to control harmful mite species on vines, fruit trees and citrus fruits, to products that improve the effectiveness of plant protection products.